1. Although a minority institution, we do admit children of different castes and creeds.
  2. The applicants seeking admission have to fill out the application form issued by the school on the school premises
  3. A pupil seeking admission must produce the Birth Certificate and the Adhar Card issued by the concerned govt. authorities along with the Leaving/Transfer Certificate.
  4. Irrespective of the time of admission, a fee will be charged from the beginning of the academic session.
  5. All photocopied documents, once submitted, become the property of the school and are not returned.
  6. Date of birth, name, or surname once recorded at the time of admission; will not be changed by the school.
  7. The Student’s caste certificate if applicable should be immediately submitted to the school office for the records.


  1. The application for Leaving Certificate should be filled out by the parent given in the school calendar.
  2. A month's notice in writing is required before a student can be withdrawn in lieu of such notice.
  3. The Leaving Certificate will be issued on full payment of all dues to the school. LC will be issued after 5 working days.


Regular Classes are held from Monday to Friday. The holidays are indicated in the School Calendar. Special classes will be held on Saturdays if the school loses working days due to unforeseen circumstances.


Parents have to make their own arrangements for the transportation of their wards. The school does not provide transport service.